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A Refreshing Healthcare Alternative
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Why Sedera?
Low Monthly Cost

Monthly Costs start as low as $106 for an individual Member.

Go Anywhere

There’s no such thing as “out-of-network” with Sedera. We go where you go.

Member Advisors

Our expert advisors will help you navigate the complex world of medical care.

Price Transparency

Always know your out-of-pocket costs before you receive care.

Out-of-Pocket Limits

Need-related costs are capped after 3 medical needs for an individual/Household in a 12-month period.

Expert 2nd Opinions

Get 2nd opinions on surgeries and new diagnoses from some of the world’s top doctors.

Sharing is Saving

Medical Cost Sharing is a surprisingly affordable non-insurance solution to manage large healthcare costs. Unlike other options, this approach is centered entirely around people helping people. Our Members share one another’s medical burdens and shop for the best care at the best price. In doing so, we support one another’s physical and financial health.

How Medical Cost Sharing Works
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We All Work Together

Every Member commits to a set of ethical beliefs and principles, which include:

  • Contributing to other Member’s Medical Needs

  • Being a savvy shopper

  • Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Building a strong relationship with their medical provider

Engaged health care consumers are the heart and soul of the Medical Cost Sharing Community.


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Don't take our word for it...

We’ve always been people that liked going against the tide. In the beginning, we were fearful but now that we are understanding it more, we're no longer afraid. We are really happy with the people we have dealt with at Sedera. Every time I call Sedera, I am very happy. The customer service is amazing!

-Mimi, Group Admin (Canton, GA)

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Sedera In Action
Interested in Joining?

If leading a healthy lifestyle and sharing medical costs is something you are interested in, let us know. We would love to connect you with a Medical Cost Sharing expert to get started! In the meantime, take a look at our Membership Guidelines to discover if this approach is right for you!

While Sedera operates in most states, there are a few exceptions. Click here to learn more.

Medical Cost Sharing (MCS) is an innovative non-insurance solution to manage large medical costs. Our Members commit to leading a healthy lifestyle and voluntarily contributing to one another’s large and unexpected medical expenses. In doing so, they are able to reduce one another’s burdens and be in charge of their own health care decisions.